Friday, July 27, 2007

Lace Hats

While on vacation, we spent a few days in New York with our family. This is a picture of the darling granddaughters Samantha (from Miami) and Megan (from Ithaca). Samantha was looking in my knitting bag and found my stash of beach beannies that I was planning to take to Grenada on the sailing trip. They each decided on a color and immediately put them on. It's so nice when someone appreciates your knitting!!


Nik said...

I know, right? When asks for something that I made, it makes me feel good because I KNOW that it will be used and not just thrown in a corner somewhere.

Nik said...

um, that was supposed to read, "when someone asks..."

Makana said...

Almost every thing I knit walks out the door with my relatives. I made a set of market bags to use and my granddaughters came over and well there went all the bags.

I do love giving the things I make away but sometimes I am not so sure they really appreciate the work that goes into them.

I love the little hats they are soo cute. As is the girls wearing them.

Have a great day.
(Ravelry friend)

Kimberly said...

Barbara the hats look great on them. It reallyis such a joy to knit for someone who appreciates it.