Monday, May 21, 2007

Sam's Scarf!

I'm just finishing up Samantha's scarf. I just have to finish the border and put on the fringe. This will be a surprise for her. In January, I made her brother a cable scarf that he wanted to take to a skating party. He sent me a picture of himself wearing the scarf. He looked very cute!

I promised that I would knit at least two scarfs before December and I have to keep on track. I usually have more knitting time in the summer since we spend a lot of time at the lake. Well, Memorial weekend is coming -- the official start of summer!
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Kimberly said...

Cute little lamb!

I'm sure the scarf will be well received. How sweet to have received a picture of someone wearing your knitted gift.

Congrats for keeping on track!

Nik said...

I'm in love with that lamb. It looks like the body is metallic.
That scarf is going to be beautiful when your done. I wish that people could see your stitching in person because it is always so beautiful.